January 18


What is your theme for this year?

Happy New Year 2022!

I hope the new year is off to a good start for you. Back in 2021, my theme of the year was based on the word, Misogi, which meant to do stuff that is so hard that it has an overall positive impact on the rest of the year, even if I may fail at it.

For me, doing that hard thing was to start up my YouTube channel. It has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I just kept procrastinating on it because of fear. I finally started it last year, and it has had a profound effect on how comfortable I have become talking to a non-living object – the camera – like its a real person.

This year, my theme of the year is: Consistency.

That’s all I want to focus on. I don’t really want to focus on the quality as much as I want to focus on the consistency.

I definitely want to write more often, and be even more consistent with the videos I make. The whole idea is to have the consistency throughout the year, and make it into a routine that simply works.

I was inspired to pick up this theme of consistency when I read the experiment done by a photography lecturer, who assigned 2 teams with 2 different tasks. Team A had to do 1000 pictures and they would score an A for their test results. Team B had to simply had to submit 1 perfect picture, but it had to be a top quality picture.

Upon submission, what the lecturer noticed was that the students from Team A, who submitted 1000 pictures as part of their assignment, had much better quality pictures than Team B, who didn’t take as many shots, because they only had to submit 1 perfect shot.

The lesson we can learn here: Quality improves with Quantity.

The more repetitions you have, the better quality you generate.

And that’s what I aim to do this year based on my theme of consistency. Which means you can expect more articles like these from me on a weekly basis with some lessons I’ve picked up along the way.


P.S. – What’s your theme of the year going to be? I’m curious to know so share your thoughts in the comments below


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