Understanding the Millennials

Working with Millennials can be frustrating, especially if you have zero experience understanding the world they grew up in.

And the first step towards learning more about them is to practice empathy - by understanding their world and what they're familiar with. 

Let me show you what makes Millennials tick

Start with the articles to the right, and then check out some of the free resources and other blog articles you find interesting along the way.

Most Recent Blogging Articles

This is why the “Ok Boomer” phrase was born and what to do about it

Earlier this month, in November 2019, the Millennials came up with a phrase that has gone viral. It is the latest addition to the Millennial lingo and is being used to shut down not just Baby Boomers, but Gen Xers as well. In this article, we explore what brought this phrase to life and what you can do about it, being on the receiving endThe Backstory'Ok Boomer’ is a catchphrase, an internet meme and a somewhat age-based discrimination that has gained popularity among the youths and is being used to

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Top 10 Millennial Slangs used in Asia that you must know to avoid feeling left out

Millennials are known to be creative, and one of the ways you see it is through their invention of new words. Sometimes they are lazy to use a big word, so they come up with something way shorter - mostly with 1 syllable only Other times they mix two words into one...and sometimes it's a phrase.  Point is, Millennials keep coming up with new lingo, and it is important to be in the know. Not necessarily because you might use them one day but to understand the conversations when they

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The right – and wrong way – of determining which generation you belong to

If you ever wondered what generation you belong to, you probably googled to find out the answer.  And you probably saw a result like this and came to a conclusion   Because it looks pretty simple, right? Identify which bracket you fall under and find out which generation you belong to WRONGGGGG You see, the thing about generational science is that, it’s not just about the numbers.  And it’s not your fault, because no one actually goes around telling people how to identify their generation. And it’s so much easier to look up the numbers and find

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How Millennials define success differently from the previous generations

Since the dawn of time, Mankind has had different markers of Success. Even cavemen probably had some goals and dreams of their own, which they drew in their caves. But the thing is this, these definitions evolve with time.. as do most things. Just like how every parent wants their offspring to be more successful than them, every generation wants to achieve more than the previous one. Now individually we may have different definitions for success, and that’s cool. For some it’s money, for some it’s fame and status. It

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The ‘Millennials are Entitled’ Myth Debunked

If I earned a cent, just a cent, every time I heard someone say “Millennials are an entitled bunch”, I’d be as rich as Kylie Jenner by now And I hear it so much that I decided to write a blog post about it. It’s time I bust this myth wiiiiiiiiiiiiide open First things first – you can’t objectify opinions like entitlement because it is an opinion…which is subjective. You see, anyone who calls Millennials entitled are looking at them through their own lens. They are referring to their experience

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Millennial 101: Top 10 questions I’ve been asked on engaging this generation as employees and consumers

Who are the Millennials? Millennials are the generation born approximately between 1980 to 2000. As of 2019, they are aged between 19 to 39. That being said, there are differing definitions as to when the Millennials were born. Researchers can’t seem to agree collectively on a fixed range of years. Hence, the numbers are fluid. Studying generations is a sociological science so it doesn’t follow hard rules. These years are determined by the researched truth that the events and conditions one experience growing up shape who they are.  What happened

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