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How can Millennial & Gen Z leaders lead across all generations in the new normal?

It’s not fair that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we work, leaving Millennial & Gen Z managers unequipped to deal with the unique challenges in the new world of work

The Millennial Leader will teach you what you need to know to lead a multi-generational team effectively

Leaders today are facing a whole new set of challenges that never existed before the pandemic.

Read this book to learn how to navigate the uncharted terrain of the new normal


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"This is a must read for every Leader, CEO across private and public sectors to be able to lead millennials effectively and get superlative results. Very practical insights and a gem"

Sam Diwakar , Global Head – Human Capital, Tionale Pte. Ltd

“The Millennial Leader” presents a fresh perspective on the need to shift leadership from compliance to connection. Young, aspiring leaders will benefit significantly from the insights and reflection points that this book offers – from the importance of self-awareness to the power of inclusive leadership. Seasoned professionals will also broaden their horizon in harnessing the collective talent of a multi-generational workforce. This book challenges traditional thinking, something we need more of with the dynamic situation we face today. It is content-rich yet easy to read, set in a relatable & pragmatic tone.

Leo Caballes , Total Rewards Director, APAC & MEA, Electrolux

"This is a MUST read for all Millennials, Leaders or not, especially in the post-covid era, where the norms may no longer be the norms. The future of work requires a different approach in terms of managing our 'career portfolio', and this book got it covered. What I like best about this book is not only the insights shared by Vivek, coupled with his experiences, but also the thought provoking questions throughout the book. Get your coffee ready, and it's time for a good read!”

Traven Teng, Talent Acquisition Lead, Tencent

The Millenial Leader’ is a very interesting book bringing together the “old” leadership world and the new generation. I particularly appreciate the concept of moving the needle and the identification that organizations need to held their managers accountable on DEI. In addition, for someone coming from a western company, the awareness on the Asian way of looking at topics such as burn-out and Great Resignation is very insightful and valuable to support our leaders in the organization.

Romain Lefaix , Head of HR APAC, SCOR

Millennial Leaders is a brilliant and timely book. Vivek Iyyani offers a great deal of insights into the opportunities and challenges faced by the organizational leaders in unprecedented times. It is never more important for the leaders of the day to recognize the necessity of unlearning and relearning the meaning of leadership in order to adapt to the changing world around us. Full of powerful stories, research data, and incisive inquiries, this book is a must read for people leaders across all levels of the organization.

Vivien Li (she/her) , Director, Human Resources, Danaher Corporation

A thought leader in the field of managing and engaging Millennials, Vivek has encapsulated the challenges that Millennial leaders will encounter when dealing with intergenerational teams. Offering many practical tips and actions in his latest book, this is a must read for all Millennial leaders who want to develop deeper human skills and get up to speed with the needs of today's intergenerational teams.

Melvin Lee , City Manager, Le Wagon Singapore

If you are making waves and leading in the workplace today, then this book is a must-read. Leading today is vastly different from what it is in the past, and your best bet to doing well is to have a clear view of the wider trends. Undeniable, inevitable and revolutionary, Vivek’s insights and deep understanding of what it means to lead as a millennial leader will set you apart from the rest.

Yeo Chuen Chuen , Forbes Coaches Council, Managing Director, ACESENCE Agile Leadership Coaching and Training 

I used to often wonder what is the big deal of the Millennials? Workplaces always had different generations working together. When I went through the book, I had couple of insights. Earlier days, leaders grew in the organization, gradually and picked up leadership and people management skills along the way. Also, WFA/WFH has made this more difficult. Due to rapid changes in business environment, leaders need to be more agile and adapt to changes quickly. I found this quite interesting from the book, there is no time to learn from one's own mistakes, one has to learn from others' mistakes!
The book has a very practical approach, with links worksheets for exercises and for self-evaluation as a 5G leader.

Georgie Antony , Director, Hono

Vivek Iyyani’s new book The Millenial Leader is a must read for leaders with or without titles, looking to lead, make a difference, and advance. The book is extremely relevant today as the workplace has undergone dynamic changes like never before. Clearly, the definition of leadership has changed and ‘The Millenial Leader’ probes deep into what has changed, what makes a millennial leader distinct from any other generation, and lays down strategies to effectively lead in the new normal. The well-researched information presented in this book is the not only a solution to current workplace challenges but also the best anti-dote to half-baked and unsubstantiated information that pervades social media.

Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandran , Learning And Development Specialist, National University of Singapore

Vivek hits the nail on the head with The Millennial Leader : Working Across Generations in the New Normal. We have entered into the an era that demands a major shift in leadership paradigm where hierarchy gives way to a network of relationships. The pandemic has taught leaders a valuable lesson : embracing change is not a choice if we intend to stay in the game. Vivek’s insights speak with me; they resonate with my real encounters with leaders of all generations. This book provides practical tips on what it takes to be a leader in the new normal.

Cindy Aw , Human Resource Director, Durapower Holdings Pte Ltd

I highly recommend Millennial Leaders to any millennial who desire to understand their own conflicts with attaining and sustaining their leadership journey . Vivek has clearly laid a path with clarity and understanding to those genuinely desiring an ascent in their millennial potential!”

Kapish Gya , People Operations Associate, Rogers Capital

It has been a while since I read a book that really got me thinking. Vivek delivered a holistic perspective of the challenges faced by millennial leaders in today's work environment - the new normal. Anyone in HR and leadership roles should read this!

Stella Sim C. P.  , APAC HR Leader - Global Technology Company

The book is brilliant and insightful. It gives a great idea on how one should tackle generations of workers and productivity in the pandemic. It not only helps us understand the challenges that Millenials face, it allows us to learn how to tackle them easily and confidently as well. It is a great book, a must read.

Sulbha Rai , Chief People Officer,

This is a very insightful book on the mindset of a millennials, their motivations, preferences and thinking process in the current environment. It’s applicable, and an easy read.

Zubaidah Binte Osman (Zuby) , Head of Centre for Excellence (Distribution L&D), Great Eastern Life Singapore

Newly promoted managers may find the transition difficult to make if they are not well prepared for leadership. Packed with valuable, hands-on industry experience from Asia's leading voice on managing millennials, "The Millennial Leader" provides a guiding light to help you avoid the painful trials and errors that plague new managers, so you can become the inspiring leader you were meant to be. A must-read!

Marc Wong , Career Services and Industry Engagement Professional

If you are an aspiring leader looking to manage more effectively in a Post Covid-19 world, I would definitely recommend reading The Millennial Leader. Vivek takes a candid approach towards what makes effective leadership today and makes it more relevant for readers with his personal experiences.”

Gary Lee , Global Head of OD, Bybit

Indeed, the rules of engagement has changed and should change as we head towards a multigenerational workforce. As most of our experiences and knowledge were acquired in a post pandemic world, the importance of unlearning and relearning should take center stage. Vivek has in his own style, articulated and reinforced what Singapore’s founding father, Mr Lee has said, “I do not yet know of a man who became a leader as a result of having undergone a leadership course”. This book is a refreshing read as it provides a point of view and touches on the need to lead with a collaborative and empathetic lens, the ‘human touch’ as he calls it.

Alvin Aloysius Goh , Executive Director, Singapore Human Resources Institute

The book explores how and why the new hallmark of millennial leadership will be risk management, autonomous management style while continuing to apply digital pivots, human behaviour & psychology for creating value for the organization. The book will find a favourite place in the reading nook of anyone who is part of the multi-generational, high performance teams and leaders.

Suganya Jagannathan , Global People Experience Director, Johnson & Johnson

Following his very insightful book on the minds of the Millennials, Vivek has followed up with another great book on how we can proactively prepare this exciting generation of talents to become our future leaders”

Tham Chien Ping , People, Culture & Sustainability Director, WhiteCoat Global

Books about millennials are always about how difficult to manage they are. Not this one! This book is more for millennials than about millennials. Not about how to manage millennials, but rather how do millennials manage? Or more accurately, how should a millennial lead people? It is chock full of practical advice and exercises to make millennial managers think about their roles as leaders and how to get better at it in a very different world than the one their predecessors grew up in. They are having to learn new management approaches on the fly, as there were no guidebooks for how to manage the new workforce

Vivek Iyyani demonstrates, once again, his research abilities and his deep knowledge of millennials. This is a practical guidebook for the new generation of leaders, well worth studying and, as Vivek suggests, using the tools to study your own leadership style. Whether you are a new leader, or an experienced leader tasked with managing the new workforce of today and tomorrow, you will benefit from reading, and re-reading, this latest book by the expert on Millennial management

Fermin Diez , Deputy CEO and Group Director, National Council of Social Services
Vivek sir

VIVEK IYYANI is the Founder & Speaker at Millennial Minds, a marketing and leadership consultancy. He empowers leaders in organisations to understand the Millennial Mindset so that they can better engage with the young generation through recruitment, rewards, and marketing.
Vivek is the author of the book,
Engaging Millennials and Empowering Millennials and is currently writing 2 more books on the Millennial Generation which is being published by a top international publisher, Penguin Random House.

He brings with him over a decade of experience working with Millennials since 2007 from institutes of Higher Learning and High Schools. Vivek has worked with Government Bodies, Multi-National Companies, Associations and Non-profit organisations.

He has been featured on ASEAN regional media such as

  • Channel NewsAsia’s “FirstLook Asia” program
  • Channel NewsAsia’s “Slackers, Shockers, Suits & Superheroes”
  • Vasantham’s Neeyum Naanum program
  • Vasantham’s Kathaippoma program
  • National radio stations such as MONEY FM, Oli 96.8FM
  • Business Magazines such as SME Entrepreneur Magazine, CEO Magazine and multiple online blogs. 

His articles have been published in various national media such as Straits Times, Business Times, business and lifestyle magazines. He is certified as a NLP practitioner and in personality profiling certifications such as MBTI and TetraMap.

In his free time, Vivek loves to travel, read books and explore adventure activities