The #1 Social Media Platform that will help you to build and grow your Career

Importance of having a LinkedIn account


The #1 social media platform you must invest your time in

Social media is one of the most important parts of our life now. There are many possibilities that one can go without food but one day without social media is next to impossible. Every day there is tons of content consumed by youngsters on social media. We have many social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Facebook. 

These apps do not only consume our time but sometimes they even help grow our overall personality and build a strong network. Youngsters nowadays are worried about what their career will be and how they can start working for the company they wish to join.

But how about the social media platform that will help you to boost your career. So if you are also looking for the platform that will help you to kick start your career and how you can make use of it by spending your time on the platform then this article is for you. Let’s dive in!

Which platform is it?

Even if you are a student, entrepreneur, an employee looking for another opportunity, or a freelancer. The platform accommodates all. 

It’s LinkedIn. 

This app is a major hub of opportunities wherein not only employees connect with entrepreneurs but even freelancers get loads of clients. People looking for a job have a mindset of simply applying to the position that the company puts on the platform. But many people are still behind in achieving their dream job. 

What’s the solution? 

Build the network rather than just merely applying for jobs. Connect with the employees working in the firm you wish to apply for. 

But how to connect? And bring better content to the table that can attract employers.

Following are the steps.

  • Listen to the people- Many people have successfully built their LinkedIn network and now can ripe the benefit of the network. So all you need to do is go on YouTube and listen to them. Don’t copy but listen and learn from them. These people have so much to teach and share their experiences with you that will help you grow.
  • Use your college activities- It’s not important that only work experience counts but also what you do in your college or school counts too. These experiences might include you being selected as a leader of the team and that team won a prize. This will show that you have leadership qualities. Be more proactive rather than reactive or inactive when they post a job. But actively post before they even post a job opportunity.
  • Think as a Giver- Instead of asking anyone to give you a chance or job or an opportunity to work in their company think of what you can give to them. What value you can add to their company. Is it enhanced leadership or creativity? Based on this design your profile and make sure you added your skills, achievements, and anything you are good at.

So combining all this you can be the potential candidate for your potential boss or manager. Build a profile that companies want to work with and feel attracted to approach you. 

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VIVEK IYYANI is a Millennial Specialist and Keynote Speaker at Millennial Minds Pte Ltd. He is the Author of the book Empowering Millennials and Engaging Millennials and has spoken at organisations like Oracle, Julius Bär, the Brunei Government,, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore Police Force, Johnson & Johnson, DELTA Airlines, and many more. He has been featured by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to feature in a video of #MySingaporeStory. He has also appeared on Channel NewsAsia twice as a guest on the Millennial topic and on local media such as Vasantham TV Channel and Oli 96.8FM Radio. Vivek is known in his industry to speak at conferences on how to engage the young generation to work at their peak potential.


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