Insurance Leaders,

Discover How The A.I.R. Method Can Help You Recruit More Millennials Into Your Team

After Working With Hundreds Of Insurance Leaders,

I Can Totally Understand Your Recruitment Frustrations

Spent a ton of money on ads, job sites, events and recruiters but receive poor leads

Candidates don't turn up for the interview at the last minute, are not qualified, or say "no" to joining you

Your team gets poached by another team, and you don't recruit fast enough, making you feel you're taking 1 steps forward, 2 steps back

Apply The A.I.R. Method To Increase Your Recruitment Leads, While Saving You Time & Money

Step 1 - ATTRACT

The harsh reality is, most people grew up afraid of sales, lack of job security and approaching their family and friends; putting them off an insurance career
To overcome this, you need to become an influencer that millennials like to follow. You can then educate and transform their thinking; increasing their confidence and desire to join the industry.


If you're considering a career, would you just join a stranger who approached you, trusting that he/she would be the right mentor for your future?
While most of your competitors are "hunting" for candidates with job postings, you need to deploy a content marketing strategy that will build a relationship with your future candidates, so they'll choose you over your competitors. 


Changing 16 years of societal conditioning and getting them to like insurance doesn't happen overnight. Targeting job switchers who are tired of their corporate job will take constant exposure too.
Building an engaged audience that consumes your social media and email content continuously will result in you receiving more high quality leads while saving you time and money. 


Real Life Results of the A.I.R Method

You Can Experience The Same Results Too
(Millennials Messaging You To Join You
& Responding Positively To You)

I will help you build your A.I.R. system to receive high quality recruitment leads.

As I offer Done-With-You and Done-For-You services, it would be best for us to have a discussion before generating a customised solution for you.