Find out what it takes to recruit millennials effortlessly &

Grow Your Team Exponentially

Importance of having a LinkedIn account

An Event for Insurance Directors, Managers and Aspiring Managers in Asia to recruit successfully in the digital age

It is filled with best insights and practices in recruiting Millennials and generating leads, as well as inspiring stories from high-performance insurance leaders

Competition is Fierce!

With more competition than ever, being good at what you do as an Agent isn't enough. Immense time is wasted chasing the new leads and hunting for the next team member. Learn the 5 steps for attracting high-quality leads (sales and recruitment) that are pre-sold and ready to work with you, making the competition irrelevant.

Focusing on Sales & Recruitment is Hard!

Most agents don't get to earn a living if their health is down. If they stop, their income stops. This is a difficult catch-22 situation to be caught in. Our methodology presents a digital business model that leverages influence and technology to unlock higher sales and bigger team growth. If you aren't growing your team, you aren't leveraging your time!

Get Strategic, Earn More, Attract More Candidates, and have Fun while you're at it!

by mastering the 5-step methodology that is required beat the unique challenges in a post-pandemic world

What I will be covering:

Sr. Deal Manager

Great to know about common traits among various generations and understanding generational gap

Asim Sohail Oracle

The session was great as it got us to participate in some activities and also provided relevant tips for mentees moving on to work life. It is important for me to understand about biases among generations as I might have biases about my fellow peers which I am not aware about. This biases could affect my interaction with others at workplace and could hinder my recruitment process. Weekly progress reports can be used to keep track on our weekly performance and also allow managers to refer to when they evaluate our performance at workplace.

Bal Subash S/O Balakrishnan SIM


Thank you for the useful content for the youngsters. These sessions really help myself and the youngsters setup a great Linkedin profile like yours, Vivek. Youths need and want more of this 🙂! Thank you for the awesome session!

Master Principal Solutions Consultant

Very good. Enjoyed the session and understood about different generations and what its from different gens perspective As we need to work with different people of different ages its good to know. Tried to understand each others perspective. It was really very good. Thanks once again for this session.

Vijaya Kumar Durgam Oracle, CEGBU


It was good. I am lacking communication skills so I really enjoyed your session sir, especially your story on the 100 days of rejection. It was awesome I really got some great ideas and actionable steps on "How to get started after a series of failure" Thank you Vivek Sir



I enjoyed the session on Engaging Millennials at the workplace and am glad I try my best not to coin the Millennials negatively to the traits mentioned.

Christine Loh


It was a great session. I'm someone who is scared of rejections as well and underestimate myself all the times. I guess I am now gonna give it a shot to digest the rejections and move on. It's extremely important session for me as there are many like me who couldn't move on after rejections. We have to learn that it's okay to get rejected. I love that you showcased how we start improving ourselves.

Divya Parvathi Tann Mann gaadi

Content manager

Interesting to see the examples of companies' strategies to attract millennial and retain them

Estelle Na


good. informative and ideas overall

Lee Julian Great Eastern

I joined this webinar to create an agenda in D&I in organization/Employer Branding as well and I found the sharing session was awesome, and great knowledge impart from speaker, Vivek

Shawn Wong

Presented by 

Vivek Iyyani

  • Founder of Millennial Minds and the Digital Advisory Series Program
  • Author of 2 best selling books: Empowering Millennials, and Engaging Millennials
  • Featured in popular talk shows and regional media like Channel NewsAsia, Straits Times, Vasantham, Oli 96.8FM, & multiple publications
  • Invited to speak all over Asia on the topic of Millennials with top companies such as Great Eastern,, SAGE, NuSkin Enterprise and many more

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