My Speaker Promise

How to Avoid Picking the Wrong Speaker for Your Event 

Tell me if this sounds a lot like your experience…

You try so hard to book the right speaker for your events and your are just trying to make sure you find somebody who

  • Delivers good content
  • Doesn’t embarrass you
  • Makes you look good
  • Serves your company well

But have you experienced or heard of horror stories of Speakers who..

  • Cancel on you last minute
  • Arrive late for your event
  • Deliver a boring, disengaging talk
  • Are rude
  • Have a speakers' ego and are Difficult and Demanding to work with
  • Did not deliver content that was previously agreed upon

Have you ever imagined, what would happen if you booked the wrong speaker?

Well, it could

  • Lead to an uncomfortable meeting with your boss
  • Affect the company’s sales or overall performance
  • Cost you your next promotion/raise
  • Cost you your job
  • Embarrass you amongst your colleagues and clientele

There are so many far-ranging effects, this could be a terrible problem if you don’t figure out how to do this well

Wouldn’t you rather book the right speaker so that right after the event, 

  • Your audience is raving about the speaker 
  • Your bosses are impressed with you for doing a great job
  • This increases the chances of your next raise/promotion
  • Give you an extra few days off/leave for your hard work

I know how it feels because I’ve been there before

Early on in my Entrepreneurial journey, when I just started, I was volunteering as an Assistant Secretary for the Indian Chambers of Commerce. As all chamber members may be aware, there are so many events that are organised within a year and almost all of these events needs speakers.

Guess who was in charge of picking the right speaker? Yep, it was me.

I was responsible for bringing in different types of speakers for different events and I started to notice the difference between the speakers I engaged over a long term versus speakers I would never call back again

Most of them had the qualifications to speak on stage and yet, they lacked the basic things that made them likeable. I've been treated like dirt by these speakers who have this 'air' around them as a Speaker and I've come to despise it.

Because the criteria set for me to pick the speakers were really stringent. I mean..

  • They had to be GOOD
  • The audience had to LOVE them
  • They had to be within our BUDGET
  • They had to be no trouble to deal with
  • They shouldn’t embarrass the Organising Team at the Chambers
  • They had to show up on time for the event

And in my experience working with them,

I realised early on what sets the

GREAT speakers apart from the Good ones.

And you probably agree with me on this…

It had lesser to do with their expertise…and more to do with the basic work ethics

Here are some of the principles I have adapted as a Speaker 

1. Give my fullest support in customising the content for your employees or clientele via pre-event calls, meetings, surveys, interviews and such

Every event is different and every topic needs to be customised to the audience attending the talk. That’s why I believe in taking advantage of technology to know upfront what it is that the Audience wants to take away from the event. Helping the event organiser get closer to this objective of giving tremendous value to their audience gives me tremendous pleasure. 

2. Promotional Video Announcement / Aid

I realised the value of a speaker’s announcement video when it actually helped us back in the past when I was part of the organising committee. Having a speaker announce that they are excited to be a part of the event made inroads for more sponsors to come on board, other prestigious speakers to come on board and even attract more potential attendees for the event.  

I always offer to post the video to my personal Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages as well as give the organisation the raw file so that they can use it as they see fit.  

3. 'Behind the Scenes' Promotion

When I’m at an event, I usually log in a behind-the-scenes video for those in my social circle to have a digital feel of what this event looks and feels like. It piques the curiosity of many who may be working in different industries but what it really does is that it promotes the event by bringing traffic to the website and social media of the event planner. I share why I’m excited to be a part of the event, what the keynote will be about and how they, the viewer,  can get involved and where/when they can find me if they’re at the same event.  

4. Attend the Conference for a minimum of 6 hours

Guaranteeing that I’ll be at the conference for a minimum of 6 hours eliminates opportunities    for me to speak at 2 events in one day and often times makes bookings speaking engagements on a back to back basis challenging. But I made a promise to myself that I would never give in to the trend of speakers flying, speaking and leaving out of the backdoor. I value building relationships with the attendees and being engaged with the community. This has helped me get repeat speaking engagements and multiple referrals from the same client 

5. Event Sponsor and Press Interviews

I’ve never been shy of sharing my opinion and if I’m already at the event engaging with the attendees, I also make sure that I engage with press interviews and sponsor Q&A’s. I am also open to provide in-depth training and coaching sessions as part of breakout segments while I am still at the event. I know this all of these help the event organiser look good and raise their profile of the events they have in order to build a better event for the next year.  

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So if you are ready to bring in a speaker who will
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  • Thrill your Bosses
  • Be really easy to work with

Then, the thing to do is to bring me in and watch me transform the environment as I speak at your event so that you can concentrate on the other details without having to worry about your speaker

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