Vivek Iyyani has been invited as a Millennial Expert on various interviews. 
This includes Primetime Interviews and Documentaries
on Channel NewsAsia, Talkshows on MediaCorp, and Opinion
articles on Straits Times,  CEO Myanmar Magazines and much more.



Vivek on primetime show Firstlook Asia to share more about Millennials, their characteristics what they really want at the workplace.

Vivek on documentary show Slackers Shockers Suits & Superheroes to share more about why Millennials have a different approach to work and life in general

Vivek being interviewed by prominent blogger and influencer Sujimy about how Millennials were shaped by the parenting styles of the Baby Boomers

[In Tamil] Vivek shares how the young generation can build up mental toughness and resilience when parents use the right strategies to teach them lifelong lessons

[In Tamil] Vivek joins the discussion with other experts on the future of work and how the Millennials & Gen Z are adapting to the various changes happening at the workforce