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Vivek Iyyani - Professional Speaker on Engaging the Millennial Generation

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Millennial Leaders

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Organisers' Rave Reviews

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Participants' Rave Reviews

I joined this webinar to create an agenda in D&I in organization/Employer Branding as well and I found the sharing session was awesome, and great knowledge impart from speaker, Vivek

Shawn Wong

The session was great as it got us to participate in some activities and also provided relevant tips for mentees moving on to work life. It is important for me to understand about biases among generations as I might have biases about my fellow peers which I am not aware about. This biases could affect my interaction with others at workplace and could hinder my recruitment process. Weekly progress reports can be used to keep track on our weekly performance and also allow managers to refer to when they evaluate our performance at workplace.

Bal Subash S/O Balakrishnan , SIM

Great content and I enjoyed the discussion. I am currently launching developmental programs for our leaders to work better with Millennials to be engaged, productive and perform to impact the bottom line and I loved the content and the discussion.

Veery insightful. The comparison between different age groups was particularly fascinating for me. Love the myths mentioned pertaining to millennials and the power we can offer. Well, to begin with, I am a millennial and as an entrepreneur, I will eventually progress to having a team of my own. So, it's good to know how can I perform better as a leader. We are the future. I liked everything

Insightful session. A good data-driven conclusion to points made.

The session was enlightening and enriching. The exchange of ideas were nice and the perspectives shared by the participants were quite interesting

Shubhra Singh , Solopreneur

I had the honour of engaging Vivek as the speaker for Agency Leaders' Summit, which was organised by Great Eastern's Centre For Excellence (CFE). Not only he has been very professional throughout the engagement, he also delivered fantastic content on Millennials with eloquence accompanied with many vibrant case studies. The audience and I had benefited a lot from his sharing, especially on how to attract, engage and onboard Millennials. Highly recommended.

Bruce , Learning Partner, Great Eastern

Vivek is one speaker that I will highly recommend . I had a chance to meet him at course session where he really delivered great content with eloquence and his perspective on millennials part was really fantastic. If you and your team want to have more motivation to achieve greater result, I highly recommend you to meet Vivek

Galex Chiow , Manager

No doubt that Vivek has a unique ability to reach the Millennials. His dedication and passion can be seen from his effectiveness in coaching and motivating this very important group of future leaders in ASEAN. Keep it up Vivek!

Louise Lee , Manager

Senior Operations Manager

Very Insightful Session! My biggest takeaway was to have a high performing team with diverse individuals and keep them happy and Understanding how to deal with generation gap.

Lakshmi C Urs , Oracle

Sr. Deal Manager

Great to know about common traits among various generations and understanding generational gap

Asim Sohail , Oracle

Principal MTS

I enjoyed learning about terminology and new words young generations use these days and focus on what other generations are good at in our teams.

SREEKANTH NARAYANA , Oracle India Private Limited

Product Support Manager

Very interesting and informative understand the GAP between the generations. What generations want to learn from one another was an interesting point for me. I would like to request longer sessions so that you can answer some Q/A. I enjoyed this completely!

Chong Wai Meng , Oracle

HR Consultant

Very much agree to pretty much everything! Because I work with a team of all generations and being able to gel well is important to me. Accepting bias was a key learning point that has stuck with me.

Sandra Jose , Oracle

Master Principal Solutions Consultant

Very good. Enjoyed the session and understood about different generations and what its from different gens perspective As we need to work with different people of different ages its good to know. Tried to understand each others perspective. It was really very good. Thanks once again for this session.

Vijaya Kumar Durgam , Oracle, CEGBU

Staff Consultant

Great-insightful-fun-good presentation. I like to network and collaborate with different age groups and cultures. Into hiring too, so this helps! Acceptance was a big realisation for me! It was too good!

Rachel Rose Gajula , Oracle India

Principal Consultant

Awesome! I really got to learn the difference between generation and how to approach each generation. Now I am able to differentiate the generation effectively.

Sandeep Kumar , Oracle

Program Manager

Very Insightful Inclusion of Generational Diversity and , Managing the generational inclusivity has become very challenging and essential in todays world. Embrace the generational diversity and leverage the strengths of it. It was perfect!

Lakshmi Madegowda , Oracle

Director, Business Development, Technology Business Strategy & Engineering

It is great to know that the younger generation are in similar situation as Japan. Taking too much care on their children. Also gap in between baby boom and young generation z and after. If there are chance, like to discuss in depth. If you look into future there's going to be a labor force decline and we need let younger generation understand the situation. Make a good communication path. Good to know the life and what issues we are facing too. Thank you so much for the insights, Vivek!

Kazuhiko Fukada , Oracle Corporation Japan

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