For Company/Team Leaders 

Retention Calculator

Calculate your organisations' investment in Millennials with this easy-to-use retention calculator

The Leader's Guide to Millennial Lingo 

As the young generation grew up in a world of social media and memes, they created their own set of words that have become code-language. 

The Leader's Guide to Building a Strong Employer Brand

In the new world we live in, Employer Branding becomes a key differentiator in attracting the best. Get our *personalised* white paper once you do this scorecard

For Career Professionals

Focus List

Ditch your to-do list. Use this instead for boost productivity. Watch this video to understand why.

LinkedIn Content Ideas

Don't know what to post on LinkedIn? Here are 88 ideas to get you started!

Weekly Progress Report

Want to impress your manager? Download this weekly progress report to communicate how well you are managing work by tracking your productivity and emailing it over to your boss.

For Undergraduates

The Gen Z's Guide to answering difficult interview questions effectively

What if you could answer all the hardest interview questions with ease by using just one technique?

Empowering Millennials Book

Learn the 5 Step Sequence to Design a life of Fun, Freedom & Fortune. 

The Gen Z's Guide to creating your own Bucket List

[Ideas to get you started]

Want to create your bucketlist but don't know how to start? Look out for this resource soon!

For Entrepreneurs/Agency Leaders

The Agency Leader's Guide to Recruiting Millennials & Gen Z 


LinkedIn Content Ideas

Don't know what to post on LinkedIn to build your personal brand? Check out these 88 ideas to skyrocket your personal brand

The Agency Leader's Guide to Social Media