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Over the span of Vivek's career, he has worked with corporations like Oracle, Julius Baer, Great Eastern,, NuSkin Enterprise, Schroders, and DELTA Airlines and worked with them to create the right kind of organisational culture & structure that inspires employees to stay in their organisations. His work in mentoring, interviewing, and researching more than 10,000 young employees from hundreds of businesses has made him a global authority in helping corporates recruit, reward and retain employees of all generations.

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Managing Up: Unspoken rules to managing the relationship that matters the most in your career

Any relationship takes intention and effort! And yet, there is very little formal or informal training available about developing a relationship with your manager. Develop your career by managing the relationships with those above you in the organisation. Be seen as the person that can get things done. Learn how to add value so you get recognised not ignored.  Get your superiors to make time for you and what you've got to say. Have your voice and opinions heard and even asked for! Studies have shown that employees with huge potential get bypassed and ignored because they don't know how to make themselves get heard and stand out. As the saying goes...

"Your skills and talents are useless if you aren't marketing them"

If you don't manage up, you may never have the opportunity to manage down. Are you ready to take charge, do good work, and get noticed for it? 

Learning Outcomes:

From this session, audience members will be able to: 

  • Reduce unnecessary friction and develop harmony with your manager
  • Understand why you don't get listened to
  • Understand common styles managers follow and learn to avoid unnecessary friction
  • Develop mutually rewarding relationship with your boss and managers
  • Show ownership and come across as highly dependable associate for your boss
  • Communicate with your boss in a way that makes you reliable and dependable
  • Adopt your manager as your mentor and secure his/her partnership into your career
  • Undertake next big responsibility of your role and department jointly with your boss

Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: Teaching the missing basics to the leaders of tomorrow

The number 1 challenge with today's young talents is a problem hiding in plain sight: the ever-widening soft skills gap.

Soft skills, contrary to the name, are HARD to learn! 

Soft skills may be harder to define and measure than hard skills, but they are just as critical. People get hired because of their hard skills, but people get fired because of their soft skills.

Managers ask: “Why should it be my problem to teach these soft skills? They should have learned these things from their parents or in school. How can I teach these soft skills when I don’t even remember how I learned them myself?”

Here’s the bad news: Setting a good example or simply telling young workers they need to improve isn’t enough. Nor is scolding them or pointing out their failings in an annual review. According to studies, Managers have complaints about the young generation such as:

  • “They arrive late, leave early, dress inappropriately, and spend too much time on social media.”
  • “They don’t know what to say and what not to say or how to behave in meetings.”
  • “They don’t know how to think, learn, or communicate without checking a device.”
  • They don’t have enough respect for authority, and don’t know the first thing about good citizenship, service or teamwork.”

Soft skills may be harder to define and measure than hard skills but they are as relevant. People get hired because of their hard skills and fired because of their soft skills. Here’s the good news: You can teach the missing basics to today’s young talent.

Learning Outcomes:

From this session, audience members will be able to:

  • Understand the digital native skills gap and how they learn best today
  • Learn 5 steps to teach relationship-building and problem-solving
  • Apply the Platinum Rule to engage and empower employees
  • Use an inside-out approach to develop the whole person
  • Teach the art of self-feedback and instil personal accountability

Managing Millennials & Gen Z: Preparing Leaders of Today for the Workforce of Tomorrow

How do you manage a generation of employees who shows up with their own agenda and expect to be rewarded despite their performance or experience? How do you train new employees who don't believe in doing the grunt work, paying their dues, waiting their turn or working on Thursdays? If you think the current economy has solved the problems of managing this young high maintenance generation of employees, think again. Right now they make up close to 50 percent of the workforce and there are plenty more on their way. They are the FUTURE of your business. With the right tools you can turn them into SUPERSTAR PERFORMERS.

Learning Outcomes:

From this session, audience members will be able to:

  • Increase motivation, performance, and retention with the millennial & gen z workforce to help them function well in the workplace
  • Show them what they can potentially achieve in your company and get them excited for a future within your organization
  • Encourage them to be collaborative in the workplace and develop camaraderie with coworkers
  • Know what attracts and keeps millennials in the workplace and use this information to improve dealing with them
  • Complement them on their weaknesses and harness their strengths & talents further
  • Take advantage of their tech-savviness and use it for the benefit of the company
  • Provide leadership and guidance and let them figure things out on their own and give them the freedom they want

The Art of Attracting Next-Gen Talent even if you're not in a sexy industry

It’s no longer a question: The world is going digital. The workplace transformation started by Millennials and Gen Zs is accelerating across all industries and age groups. To up your game and attract top talent, you must get serious about creating the workplace of the future.

Especially if your industry isn't attractive to the young generation 

In today’s complex and challenging labour market, organisations find it increasingly challenging to attract quality talent. You are going to be hiring Millennials & Gen Z for the next several decades, so if you don't understand their unique genius, your recruiting efforts will suffer, or worse, they’ll come to a crashing halt. Don't wait till it's too late.

Attracting Next-Gen

Learning Outcomes:

From this session, audience members will be able to:

  • The truth about what Millennials and Gen Z really want in the workplace
  • Best practices from the most innovative companies on diversity, flexibility, tech, development and making work meaningful for all generations
  • The impact of remote and virtual work and how to maximise your teams
  • A useful checklist to help you become a workplace of the future
  • Show them what they can potentially achieve in your company and get them excited for a future within your organization
  • A plan of action to apply these practices to your business

Engaging Millennials: The 7 Fundamentals to Recruit, Reward & Retain the largest generation in the workforce

We have always had 4-5 generations in the workforce. Back in 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, till today. Yet, why is it that Millennials are being talked about in the media more than the other generations? What has made them different? Why do you need to pay attention to this generation? And how will it affect the way you run your teams or companies?

The success of your business in this post-pandemic economy hinges on the success of engaging employees from all generations in the workplace … but they must be developed, mentored, and managed properly in order to grow and fully realise that success. A lot of the corporate structure we see in the workforce was developed by the Baby Boomer generation - which sadly aren’t fulfilling the needs of the younger generation.

As a result, we see increased cases of intergenerational conflicts happening at the workplace. All of this can be easily avoided once Leaders realise that the younger generation have different needs, wants, motivations, communication styles and work ethics. In order recruit and retain your workforce for a longer period of time, learning the secrets to Engaging Millennials will be crucial. Find out the best practices that startups, tech giants and other progressive companies are using to engage the Millennial generation.


Learning Outcomes:

From this session, audience members will be able to: 

  • The biggest obstacle Generation X faces when dealing with Millennials
  • The type of career development Millennials most desire
  • What digital natives expect and value from their job and employers
  • Which critical process is most likely missing from your organization
  • Best practices for attracting, hiring and managing digital natives
  • The 3 biggest mistakes managers make with next-gen employees
  • How to build a culture that brings together youth and experience
  • How to determine whether a Millennial is a strategic or tactical employee (so you can develop them accordingly)

The 5G Leader: Leading across Generations in a remote, virtual & post-pandemic world

The COVID-19 Pandemic accelerated change and our reliance on technology to get work done. It has become the new normal and leaders from organisations have been stressing out to manage all the change while having to keep their employees and team members engaged. 

In order to effectively manage the multi-generational teams through a virtual realm, leaders need to understand the innate needs, challenges, motivations, strengths and competencies that each generation bring to the table. It’s impossible to capitalise on this brain trust when Boomers are disgruntled by feeling disrespected by their younger counterparts. 

This can create misunderstandings and lead to conflict, which costs your company valuable time and money.  When teams can’t work together, productivity suffers. The marketplace moves too fast and you will get left behind if you do not find a way to work collaboratively.


From this session, audience members will be able to:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Why you should care about the disengagement crisis
  • Learn how to overcome the negative stereotypes of Millennials & Gen Z and leverage them to their advantage
  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of generational characteristics and why each are the way they are
  • Learn techniques for communicating more effectively with members of different generations
  • Appreciate generational diversity as an organisational strength rather than a barrier to progress
  • How to sustain culture changes for the long-term and retain top talent in the virtual world
  • Gain insight into other generations to increase empathy and cross-generational effectiveness
  • Leverage technology to bring virtual teams together

I joined this webinar to create an agenda in D&I in organization/Employer Branding as well and I found the sharing session was awesome, and great knowledge impart from speaker, Vivek

Shawn Wong

The session was great as it got us to participate in some activities and also provided relevant tips for mentees moving on to work life. It is important for me to understand about biases among generations as I might have biases about my fellow peers which I am not aware about. This biases could affect my interaction with others at workplace and could hinder my recruitment process. Weekly progress reports can be used to keep track on our weekly performance and also allow managers to refer to when they evaluate our performance at workplace.

Bal Subash S/O Balakrishnan , SIM

Great content and I enjoyed the discussion. I am currently launching developmental programs for our leaders to work better with Millennials to be engaged, productive and perform to impact the bottom line and I loved the content and the discussion.

Veery insightful. The comparison between different age groups was particularly fascinating for me. Love the myths mentioned pertaining to millennials and the power we can offer. Well, to begin with, I am a millennial and as an entrepreneur, I will eventually progress to having a team of my own. So, it's good to know how can I perform better as a leader. We are the future. I liked everything

Insightful session. A good data-driven conclusion to points made.

The session was enlightening and enriching. The exchange of ideas were nice and the perspectives shared by the participants were quite interesting

Shubhra Singh , Solopreneur

I had the honour of engaging Vivek as the speaker for Agency Leaders' Summit, which was organised by Great Eastern's Centre For Excellence (CFE). Not only he has been very professional throughout the engagement, he also delivered fantastic content on Millennials with eloquence accompanied with many vibrant case studies. The audience and I had benefited a lot from his sharing, especially on how to attract, engage and onboard Millennials. Highly recommended.

Bruce , Learning Partner, Great Eastern

Vivek is one speaker that I will highly recommend . I had a chance to meet him at course session where he really delivered great content with eloquence and his perspective on millennials part was really fantastic. If you and your team want to have more motivation to achieve greater result, I highly recommend you to meet Vivek

Galex Chiow , Manager

No doubt that Vivek has a unique ability to reach the Millennials. His dedication and passion can be seen from his effectiveness in coaching and motivating this very important group of future leaders in ASEAN. Keep it up Vivek!

Louise Lee , Manager

Senior Operations Manager

Very Insightful Session! My biggest takeaway was to have a high performing team with diverse individuals and keep them happy and Understanding how to deal with generation gap.

Lakshmi C Urs , Oracle

Sr. Deal Manager

Great to know about common traits among various generations and understanding generational gap

Asim Sohail , Oracle

Principal MTS

I enjoyed learning about terminology and new words young generations use these days and focus on what other generations are good at in our teams.

SREEKANTH NARAYANA , Oracle India Private Limited

Product Support Manager

Very interesting and informative understand the GAP between the generations. What generations want to learn from one another was an interesting point for me. I would like to request longer sessions so that you can answer some Q/A. I enjoyed this completely!

Chong Wai Meng , Oracle

HR Consultant

Very much agree to pretty much everything! Because I work with a team of all generations and being able to gel well is important to me. Accepting bias was a key learning point that has stuck with me.

Sandra Jose , Oracle

Master Principal Solutions Consultant

Very good. Enjoyed the session and understood about different generations and what its from different gens perspective As we need to work with different people of different ages its good to know. Tried to understand each others perspective. It was really very good. Thanks once again for this session.

Vijaya Kumar Durgam , Oracle, CEGBU

Staff Consultant

Great-insightful-fun-good presentation. I like to network and collaborate with different age groups and cultures. Into hiring too, so this helps! Acceptance was a big realisation for me! It was too good!

Rachel Rose Gajula , Oracle India

Principal Consultant

Awesome! I really got to learn the difference between generation and how to approach each generation. Now I am able to differentiate the generation effectively.

Sandeep Kumar , Oracle

Program Manager

Very Insightful Inclusion of Generational Diversity and , Managing the generational inclusivity has become very challenging and essential in todays world. Embrace the generational diversity and leverage the strengths of it. It was perfect!

Lakshmi Madegowda , Oracle

Director, Business Development, Technology Business Strategy & Engineering

It is great to know that the younger generation are in similar situation as Japan. Taking too much care on their children. Also gap in between baby boom and young generation z and after. If there are chance, like to discuss in depth. If you look into future there's going to be a labor force decline and we need let younger generation understand the situation. Make a good communication path. Good to know the life and what issues we are facing too. Thank you so much for the insights, Vivek!

Kazuhiko Fukada , Oracle Corporation Japan

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