"Empowering Millennials" is a book written for Millennials that gives an overview of how to "Adult" and design a life of Fun, Freedom & Fortune. More importantly, this book has inspired thousands of Millennials to change their approach to life in terms of career, relationships, and wealth. 
The book covers the unique times we live in and how technology has created powerful opportunities live a life that has more meaning and purpose. It delves into the CHAMP methodology - Clarity, Habits, Accountability, Motivation and Productivity. Finally, the book talks about breaking out of the behaviour that has gotten you this far and begin focusing on the steps that will transform you into one of the most productive and influential individuals in the Millennial generation.

Adulting is Hard. But it doesn't have to be that way

Working on a full-time job, doing your taxes, running errands for the house and looking forward to doing nothing at home over the weekend - may not be the lifestyle you're looking forward to. But it's definitely something you need to prepare yourself for, because sooner or later, somebody's gotta do them all. During this phase of your early to mid twenties, you might find yourself struggling to find your own bearings.

  • What kind of a career do I want?
  • Should I follow my passion or listen to my parents?
  • Should I try Entrepreneurship or work at a Full Time job?
  • What am I really good at? What are my strengths?
  • How can I live the cool lifestyle that my friends have on Instagram?

All of these are relevant questions, and I hope this book gives you answers that empower you to cope with the uncertainty that comes with leaving the academic life and entering the working world. 

My hope is that this book becomes your friend and a mentor that shows you the way towards finding your own direction, your own vibe. 

My hope is that this book allows you to be you, to live life on your own terms, and live it dangerously - without any form of fear.