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Can this book help you overcome your Quarter-Life Crisis without the overwhelm?

It’s not fair that you’ve ticked all the boxes and still feel unhappy at work with no clue on how to take your life forward.

Empowering Millennials will teach you how to navigate the quarter-life crisis where you need to manage money, relationships, friendships, career and more without the overwhelm.

Youths today are facing a whole new set of challenges juggling their life as a young adult. Read this book to learn how to navigate the quarter-life crisis and emerge stronger as an individual


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“Engaging Millennials gives an in-depth insight of Millennials today. It is an eye opener as it shares the people’s views and opinions pertaining to issues of Millennials not just at work but also everyday life. In this global pandemic world, Engaging Millennials sheds light on how Millennials can be the strategic differentiator for all types of organisations”

DK Erna , Training Officer

Vivek has written a book with brilliant insights and deep research. I would highly recommend it to all leaders leading multigenerational teams!’

Ritu Mehrish , Author, Leader's Block

“The book really highlighted the issues if millennials are not managed well and it would be at high cost to the organisations. It takes two hands to clap. As the book brought awareness the older generation, it will be great when we also have the millennials do take the effort to bridge the gap as well”

Don Yap , Human Resources Veteran

"This book is for all leaders who want to engage the multi-generational workforce and celebrate diversity by understanding how to empathise with every generation. A great guide to understand how Millennials function and leverage their strengths for the greater good of the organisation."

TR Sakthivel Thevar , CEO

It is an interesting read and I found it enlightening. Everyone seems to be focussing too much on understanding and handling millennials and not putting much effort in encouraging more collaboration amongst the different generations. We must always remember that all every generation has great experiences that they have gone through and the more we understand and share with each other, the stronger we will emerge.

Lily Chan , Human Capital Veteran

Vivek puts into context the ways Millennials differ from previous generations and shares practical steps companies and leaders can take to boost productivity

His writing style is easy to follow without talking down to the reader. He brings a fresh, contrarian eye to some of the usual data points. A good book to understanding a conversation between cross-generational teams.

Kalpana Ramalingam , Media Executive Producer

“Well researched, informative, and packed with helpful insights to understand and engage Millennials.”

Kenny Toh , Client Director, Bridge Partnership

Indeed an insightful guide for leaders who wish to unravel the hidden potentials of Millennials under their charge. If you wish to optimise the talent and motivation of the Millennials already within your rank (or those you plan to headhunt), look no further. This is the guide for you.

Alfian , Manager

There are a lot of books on generations but hardly any that takes into consideration the Asian culture and dynamic. ‘Engaging Millennials’ is a clear, convincing and compelling read for all Organisational leaders. Vivek packs this book with well thought out insights on the Millennial’s mindset, strengths, challenges and motivations. An excellent read.

Kesavan Sathyamoorthy , Group CEO

"Vivek has covered many aspects of understanding millennial employees, which business leaders of today need to know. The book will help them in bridging for intergenerational communications at workplaces. Vivek also has touched upon socio-economic angles, which will help leaders understand the mindset of millennials outside office hours. A useful reference for anyone who works with millennials."

Nazhath Faheema , Social Harmony Activist & Advocate of Youth Civic Engagement

Inter-generational myopia, has plagued societies and organisation for long. Understanding Millennials, you face a wall and this books provides you new lenses, to view them and get a sharper picture. It is a book ‘of' the millennials, ‘for' the millennials and ‘by' the millennials, held out to help others. Vivek makes you take a valuable peek into their minds!

KV Rao , Resident Director, ASEAN, TATA Sons Private Limited

It's well analysed and written. A great book to understand the Millennials better, especially for the earlier generations.

Rajsheikran K , Senior HR Development Specialist

Here is a much needed book that fills a niche, helping to unveil the mysteries around attracting, recruiting and retaining the Asian Millennial in a fast changing world. Vivek has put his wealth of knowledge gathered from working closely with multigenerational age groups towards creating this book. His recommendations are supported by insights grounded in real-word experience.

Dr Parveen , Learning Specialist, Surge Consulting

“Generation gap is often the most over-used term when conflicts arise at the workplace. This book attempts to add context and data points that helps people like me ( Baby Boomers and Gen X) who are digital immigrants basically to understand what motivates and drives digital natives like the Millennials ( aka Gen Y) and Gen Z - an insightful read to help managers effectively embrace differences, leverage every generations’ strengths and create impact”

Shiv Kumar , Thinker & Technology Professional

Vivek's endeavour, via this book, to enhance workplace efficiency and effectiveness through unhindered collaboration with different generations, is progressive and highly commendable. I am impressed by the content depth, thorough research & analysis and exciting subject matter correlations being made with the field of Psychology. The parallels drawn with Psychology helps decode the whys and wherefores of a gamut of the Millennials' being. Manager tools and various mental models being introduced further down in the book seem to be full of promise in engaging the Millennial human capital to its best potential and in the best interests of both the organisation and the employees."

Sangeetha Venkataraman , HR Consultant, CareerSketchHR

“Engaging Millennials is a must read book for anyone who are managing millennials in the workplace. It is indeed very timely especially post COVID as the millennials will form the bulk of the talent pool who will steer companies to fully recover from this pandemic. It has detailed the challenges faced in managing millennials and offer great insights in how to retain and motivate millennials to effectively contribute to their companies success.”

MK Liew , HR Consultant

This book is key to understand the Millennials outlook at the workplace, the concepts are well supported by good research references and theories that make it easy to understand the Millennials perspective in the diverse organisation with the multi-generation workforce.

Ramani Amar , Human Resources Director

As a leader of Millennials and a Millennial myself, I've heard it all about our generation: We're lazy, entitled, afraid of feedback—you name it. These stereotypes come from a fundamental misunderstanding of who Millennials are and what we need in order to thrive. I really appreciate Vivek's book because it helps fight back at these damaging stereotypes and prepares leaders for the kinds of environments they will need to create in order for their Millennial team members to shine.

Kristen Hadeed

"Vivek Iyyani puts forward a compelling approach through which organisations can create an enabling environment where Millenials can grow, perform and thrive. His 7-F formula make total sense in today's world"

Manish Bundhun , CHRO, Rogers Group

" A powerful tool for managers and leaders alike to understand how to engage and get the best out of their millennial workforce to supercharge and bulletproof their organisation." -

Zishan Amir , Managing Director

"This is a must-read for anyone who is aspiring to or continuing to thrive in the Big Wide World filled with cross-generational mindsets and vibes. Engaging Millennials is the second sequence after Empowering Millennials and is the "New Love Language" to master building authentic and trustworthy connections for better engagement that will deliver results. In a world filled with algorithms, hashtags and remixes, Engaging Millennials takes a deeper dive into cultural nuances, borderless expectations and a culmination of global challenges that unite leaders across the world"

Asha Menon , Chief HR Consultant, AM Talent Partners

"Interesting perspectives and ideas backed up by real-world experiences and thorough analysis! A timely book that fills a known gap for solid reference material on specific hues of Millennials in Asia. Essential reading for anyone seeking to engage or interact with Millennials (and soon, Centennials!) in any capacity.”

Ravi Sreedharan , Executive Director
Vivek sir

VIVEK IYYANI is the Founder & Speaker at Millennial Minds, a marketing and leadership consultancy. He empowers leaders in organisations to understand the Millennial Mindset so that they can better engage with the young generation through recruitment, rewards, and marketing.
Vivek is the author of the book, Engaging Millennials and Empowering Millennials and is currently writing 2 more books on the Millennial Generation which is being published by a top international publisher, Penguin Random House.

He brings with him over a decade of experience working with Millennials since 2007 from institutes of Higher Learning and High Schools. Vivek has worked with Government Bodies, Multi-National Companies, Associations and Non-profit organisations.

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  • National radio stations such as MONEY FM, Oli 96.8FM
  • Business Magazines such as SME Entrepreneur Magazine, CEO Magazine and multiple online blogs. 

His articles have been published in various national media such as Straits Times, Business Times, business and lifestyle magazines. He is certified as a NLP practitioner and in personality profiling certifications such as MBTI and TetraMap.

In his free time, Vivek loves to travel, read books and explore adventure activities