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Millennial 101

10 🚩Red Flags 🚩 Signalling a Generational Disconnect in Your Organization

Who are the Millennials? Millennials are the generation born approximately between 1980 to 2000. As of 2019, they are aged between 19 to 39. That being said, there are differing definitions as to when the Millennials were born. Researchers can’t seem to agree collectively on a fixed range of years. Hence, the numbers are fluid.

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Adulting 101

Choosing the right speaker for your event isn’t just another item on your to-do list; it’s a pivotal decision that shapes the event’s outcome and its impact on attendees. Many event planners face the challenge of navigating through uncharted waters, uncertain of the best practices for selecting a speaker. The stakes are high, as the

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In today’s modern workplace, HR and L&D professionals face a unique challenge – managing a diverse and multi-generational workforce. With employees spanning different age groups, from Baby Boomers to Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z, organizations are presented with an incredible opportunity for growth and innovation. However, this diversity can also bring forth various challenges,

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