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Vivek Iyyani - Professional Speaker on Engaging the Millennial Generation


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Millennial Leaders

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Participants' Rave Reviews

Li Ying Yap

I benefited a lot from Vivek's programme when I was looking for directions in coaching and grooming millennials. He is certainly very professional and I learnt a lot from him. Do look for him if you are in leadership and management.

Manager | Participant Manager

I had the honour of engaging Vivek as the speaker for Agency Leaders' Summit, which was organised by Great Eastern's Centre For Excellence (CFE). Not only he has been very professional throughout the engagement, he also delivered fantastic content on Millennials with eloquence accompanied with many vibrant case studies. The audience and I had benefited a lot from his sharing, especially on how to attract, engage and onboard Millennials. Highly recommended.

Bruce Learning Partner, Great Eastern


good. informative and ideas overall

Lee Julian Great Eastern


I got to learn about the 4 pillars of appeal millennial look out for and I got to understand their lingo better so as to have a higher chance of recruiting + connecting with them. I also enjoyed the concepts of Ikigai & Extrinsic Motivation

Willis Lau Great Eastern Life

Senior Manager

Good Learning about the current younger generation and got new ideas that we can implement immediately

Selena Wong GE

Vivek is one speaker that I will highly recommend . I had a chance to meet him at course session where he really delivered great content with eloquence and his perspective on millennials part was really fantastic. If you and your team want to have more motivation to achieve greater result, I highly recommend you to meet Vivek

Galex Chiow Manager

People Development

It was very good. We have PNSFs that we need to manage.. Learnt on gow the various generations feel and think about each other

Jeremy Ho SPF

Training Officer

Enjoyed the sharing tremendously. Speaker was credible, engaging and insightful. I learned to understand how to manage expectations of millennials younger than me. and more about reverse coaching. A longer session would’ve been great to learn deeper insights between Millennials and Gen Z as we are seeing more colleagues from Gen Z (mainly full time NS men). Thanks!

Fadzil SPF

Content manager

Interesting to see the examples of companies' strategies to attract millennial and retain them

Estelle Na

Veery insightful. The comparison between different age groups was particularly fascinating for me. Love the myths mentioned pertaining to millennials and the power we can offer. Well, to begin with, I am a millennial and as an entrepreneur, I will eventually progress to having a team of my own. So, it's good to know how can I perform better as a leader. We are the future. I liked everything

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