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Vivek Iyyani - Professional Speaker on Engaging the Millennial Generation


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“Generation gap is often the most over-used term when conflicts arise at the workplace. This book attempts to add context and data points that helps people like me ( Baby Boomers and Gen X) who are digital immigrants basically to understand what motivates and drives digital natives like the Millennials ( aka Gen Y) and Gen Z - an insightful read to help managers effectively embrace differences, leverage every generations’ strengths and create impact”

Shiv Kumar Thinker & Technology Professional

"This book is for all leaders who want to engage the multi-generational workforce and celebrate diversity by understanding how to empathise with every generation. A great guide to understand how Millennials function and leverage their strengths for the greater good of the organisation."

TR Sakthivel Thevar CEO


It was good. I am lacking communication skills so I really enjoyed your session sir, especially your story on the 100 days of rejection. It was awesome I really got some great ideas and actionable steps on "How to get started after a series of failure" Thank you Vivek Sir


As I'm one of the Gen X, the pros is we got to see and witness both worlds, Baby Boomers and Millennials. As the work culture is changing, I believe we as the older generation, should also adapt and share our experiences to the younger generations. I learnt from Vivek that empowering, giving guidance, being inclusive , and constantly in communication with the younger generation will help create a better work environment.

Lio Valiao

There are a lot of books on generations but hardly any that takes into consideration the Asian culture and dynamic. ‘Engaging Millennials’ is a clear, convincing and compelling read for all Organisational leaders. Vivek packs this book with well thought out insights on the Millennial’s mindset, strengths, challenges and motivations. An excellent read.

Kesavan Sathyamoorthy Group CEO

Here is a much needed book that fills a niche, helping to unveil the mysteries around attracting, recruiting and retaining the Asian Millennial in a fast changing world. Vivek has put his wealth of knowledge gathered from working closely with multigenerational age groups towards creating this book. His recommendations are supported by insights grounded in real-word experience.

Dr Parveen Learning Specialist, Surge Consulting

Veery insightful. The comparison between different age groups was particularly fascinating for me. Love the myths mentioned pertaining to millennials and the power we can offer. Well, to begin with, I am a millennial and as an entrepreneur, I will eventually progress to having a team of my own. So, it's good to know how can I perform better as a leader. We are the future. I liked everything


Great, informative. I loved the idea of implementing the bite size training


Indeed an insightful guide for leaders who wish to unravel the hidden potentials of Millennials under their charge. If you wish to optimise the talent and motivation of the Millennials already within your rank (or those you plan to headhunt), look no further. This is the guide for you.

Alfian Manager

As a leader of Millennials and a Millennial myself, I've heard it all about our generation: We're lazy, entitled, afraid of feedback—you name it. These stereotypes come from a fundamental misunderstanding of who Millennials are and what we need in order to thrive. I really appreciate Vivek's book because it helps fight back at these damaging stereotypes and prepares leaders for the kinds of environments they will need to create in order for their Millennial team members to shine.

Kristen Hadeed

Project Officer

Great sharing. Learnt alot from the presentation, tips and tricks in engaging the Milleniels and to have awareness and able to adapt my approach when engaging my daughter / colleagues. I enjoyed the Pre-talk quiz hahaha was very engaging! Loved it!

Don Yap NA

"This is a must-read for anyone who is aspiring to or continuing to thrive in the Big Wide World filled with cross-generational mindsets and vibes. Engaging Millennials is the second sequence after Empowering Millennials and is the "New Love Language" to master building authentic and trustworthy connections for better engagement that will deliver results. In a world filled with algorithms, hashtags and remixes, Engaging Millennials takes a deeper dive into cultural nuances, borderless expectations and a culmination of global challenges that unite leaders across the world"

Asha Menon Chief HR Consultant, AM Talent Partners

People Development

It was very good. We have PNSFs that we need to manage.. Learnt on gow the various generations feel and think about each other

Jeremy Ho SPF



No doubt that Vivek has a unique ability to reach the Millennials. His dedication and passion can be seen from his effectiveness in coaching and motivating this very important group of future leaders in ASEAN. Keep it up Vivek!

Louise Lee Manager

Vivek is one speaker that I will highly recommend . I had a chance to meet him at course session where he really delivered great content with eloquence and his perspective on millennials part was really fantastic. If you and your team want to have more motivation to achieve greater result, I highly recommend you to meet Vivek

Galex Chiow Manager


It was very informative and helpful. It really helped me to be better in communication and understanding of superiors at workplace. I really liked learning about the different types of mentors and superiors and the list of 4 points to help in assessing work performance.

Vero Ng -

"Vivek has covered many aspects of understanding millennial employees, which business leaders of today need to know. The book will help them in bridging for intergenerational communications at workplaces. Vivek also has touched upon socio-economic angles, which will help leaders understand the mindset of millennials outside office hours. A useful reference for anyone who works with millennials."

Nazhath Faheema Social Harmony Activist & Advocate of Youth Civic Engagement

Associate Director

I found it very informative and insightful.

Sheryl Great Eastern Life

Associate Director

Fantastic session help to unlock our blind spots mindset

LIM JOO HEE Great Eastern Life


Thank you for the useful content for the youngsters. These sessions really help myself and the youngsters setup a great Linkedin profile like yours, Vivek. Youths need and want more of this 🙂! Thank you for the awesome session!

Insightful session. A good data-driven conclusion to points made.

" A powerful tool for managers and leaders alike to understand how to engage and get the best out of their millennial workforce to supercharge and bulletproof their organisation." -

Zishan Amir Managing Director

Executive Senior Manager

Very beneficial. You have shown me millennials' mindset from a different perspective. I loved your sharing on the love week, founder stories, and create a fun culture.

Soh Yu Xian Great Eastern

This book is key to understand the Millennials outlook at the workplace, the concepts are well supported by good research references and theories that make it easy to understand the Millennials perspective in the diverse organisation with the multi-generation workforce.

Ramani Amar Human Resources Director

“Engaging Millennials gives an in-depth insight of Millennials today. It is an eye opener as it shares the people’s views and opinions pertaining to issues of Millennials not just at work but also everyday life. In this global pandemic world, Engaging Millennials sheds light on how Millennials can be the strategic differentiator for all types of organisations”

DK Erna Training Officer

Senior Manager

Good Learning about the current younger generation and got new ideas that we can implement immediately

Selena Wong GE

Great content and I enjoyed the discussion. I am currently launching developmental programs for our leaders to work better with Millennials to be engaged, productive and perform to impact the bottom line and I loved the content and the discussion.

“Well researched, informative, and packed with helpful insights to understand and engage Millennials.”

Kenny Toh Client Director, Bridge Partnership

I joined this webinar to create an agenda in D&I in organization/Employer Branding as well and I found the sharing session was awesome, and great knowledge impart from speaker, Vivek

Shawn Wong


It was a great session. I'm someone who is scared of rejections as well and underestimate myself all the times. I guess I am now gonna give it a shot to digest the rejections and move on. It's extremely important session for me as there are many like me who couldn't move on after rejections. We have to learn that it's okay to get rejected. I love that you showcased how we start improving ourselves.

Divya Parvathi Tann Mann gaadi

"Interesting perspectives and ideas backed up by real-world experiences and thorough analysis! A timely book that fills a known gap for solid reference material on specific hues of Millennials in Asia. Essential reading for anyone seeking to engage or interact with Millennials (and soon, Centennials!) in any capacity.”

Ravi Sreedharan Executive Director


I got to learn about the 4 pillars of appeal millennial look out for and I got to understand their lingo better so as to have a higher chance of recruiting + connecting with them. I also enjoyed the concepts of Ikigai & Extrinsic Motivation

Willis Lau Great Eastern Life

“Engaging Millennials is a must read book for anyone who are managing millennials in the workplace. It is indeed very timely especially post COVID as the millennials will form the bulk of the talent pool who will steer companies to fully recover from this pandemic. It has detailed the challenges faced in managing millennials and offer great insights in how to retain and motivate millennials to effectively contribute to their companies success.”

MK Liew HR Consultant

It's well analysed and written. A great book to understand the Millennials better, especially for the earlier generations.

Rajsheikran K Senior HR Development Specialist

Li Ying Yap

I benefited a lot from Vivek's programme when I was looking for directions in coaching and grooming millennials. He is certainly very professional and I learnt a lot from him. Do look for him if you are in leadership and management.

Manager | Participant Manager

CEO, Bettery Lab

I first met Vivek when he was invited as a guest speaker for my ‘Bettery Hub Channel’ Live chat a year ago to share on engaging Millennials about 8 months ago. We soon started working together to build systems towards achieving a ‘Millennial Friendly Agency’ within my team in the Financial Services. Vivek is a professional who is very effective in facilitating and training businesses to help them really understand millennials and how to engage, inspire, and leverage the strengths of millennials. His recent Webinar with Great Eastern Life was very well received by the leaders. He had shared essential details and actionable plans that leaders from the Financial Services can implement to engage Millennials.

Sakthivel Thevar CEO


Gotten more ideas for Social Media. We understand the growing interests on social media and thus the importance of it. I've got so many new ideas for Social Media

Soh Xiang jun Great eastern

The session was great as it got us to participate in some activities and also provided relevant tips for mentees moving on to work life. It is important for me to understand about biases among generations as I might have biases about my fellow peers which I am not aware about. This biases could affect my interaction with others at workplace and could hinder my recruitment process. Weekly progress reports can be used to keep track on our weekly performance and also allow managers to refer to when they evaluate our performance at workplace.

Bal Subash S/O Balakrishnan SIM

Training Officer

Enjoyed the sharing tremendously. Speaker was credible, engaging and insightful. I learned to understand how to manage expectations of millennials younger than me. and more about reverse coaching. A longer session would’ve been great to learn deeper insights between Millennials and Gen Z as we are seeing more colleagues from Gen Z (mainly full time NS men). Thanks!

Fadzil SPF


good. informative and ideas overall

Lee Julian Great Eastern

Inter-generational myopia, has plagued societies and organisation for long. Understanding Millennials, you face a wall and this books provides you new lenses, to view them and get a sharper picture. It is a book ‘of' the millennials, ‘for' the millennials and ‘by' the millennials, held out to help others. Vivek makes you take a valuable peek into their minds!

KV Rao Resident Director, ASEAN, TATA Sons Private Limited

Cap dev officer

It is good and engaging! I work with millennials and am a millennial myself. We also work in the training industry I loved especially the part on how introducing coaching and reverse mentoring for millennials

Zuo Jin SPF

Assistance Manager Business Development

It was really interesting, especially people like me with career mindset. it is important to understand all level people, regardless of their positions for better work engaging. understanding the characteristic of different generation.

Puva Hapag-Lloyd Malaysia

The session was enlightening and enriching. The exchange of ideas were nice and the perspectives shared by the participants were quite interesting

Shubhra Singh Solopreneur

Vivek has written a book with brilliant insights and deep research. I would highly recommend it to all leaders leading multigenerational teams!’

Ritu Mehrish Author, Leader's Block

Content manager

Interesting to see the examples of companies' strategies to attract millennial and retain them

Estelle Na


I enjoyed the session on Engaging Millennials at the workplace and am glad I try my best not to coin the Millennials negatively to the traits mentioned.

Christine Loh

"Vivek Iyyani puts forward a compelling approach through which organisations can create an enabling environment where Millenials can grow, perform and thrive. His 7-F formula make total sense in today's world"

Manish Bundhun CHRO, Rogers Group

“The book really highlighted the issues if millennials are not managed well and it would be at high cost to the organisations. It takes two hands to clap. As the book brought awareness the older generation, it will be great when we also have the millennials do take the effort to bridge the gap as well”

Don Yap Human Resources Veteran

It is an interesting read and I found it enlightening. Everyone seems to be focussing too much on understanding and handling millennials and not putting much effort in encouraging more collaboration amongst the different generations. We must always remember that all every generation has great experiences that they have gone through and the more we understand and share with each other, the stronger we will emerge.

Lily Chan Human Capital Veteran

I had the honour of engaging Vivek as the speaker for Agency Leaders' Summit, which was organised by Great Eastern's Centre For Excellence (CFE). Not only he has been very professional throughout the engagement, he also delivered fantastic content on Millennials with eloquence accompanied with many vibrant case studies. The audience and I had benefited a lot from his sharing, especially on how to attract, engage and onboard Millennials. Highly recommended.

Bruce Learning Partner, Great Eastern

Chief Communication Officer

Very informative and it does relate to certain situation in my own personal working Journey. Awesome research and I really wished many people should be connected to learn and understand this concept better so that I can expect certain reality. The generation gap was explained so clearly and blew my mind. The mindset of job differentiation in today's age was really interesting too.

Shvaleela Balakrishnan Blindsight Inc

Vivek's endeavour, via this book, to enhance workplace efficiency and effectiveness through unhindered collaboration with different generations, is progressive and highly commendable. I am impressed by the content depth, thorough research & analysis and exciting subject matter correlations being made with the field of Psychology. The parallels drawn with Psychology helps decode the whys and wherefores of a gamut of the Millennials' being. Manager tools and various mental models being introduced further down in the book seem to be full of promise in engaging the Millennial human capital to its best potential and in the best interests of both the organisation and the employees."

Sangeetha Venkataraman HR Consultant, CareerSketchHR

Vivek puts into context the ways Millennials differ from previous generations and shares practical steps companies and leaders can take to boost productivity

His writing style is easy to follow without talking down to the reader. He brings a fresh, contrarian eye to some of the usual data points. A good book to understanding a conversation between cross-generational teams.

Kalpana Ramalingam Media Executive Producer

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